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Adprive internet advertising service. Turkey’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) and
Big Data (Big Data) supported internet advertising platform.

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Why U.S?
Change in technology is inevitable. This can be achieved by keeping up with constant change and development. The young managers of the new economic world accelerate this development by using the right and technology-open value creation methods. With internet ads, reach the right target audience at the right time and increase your potential customers. You can reach bigger potentials with small budgets. You make more permanent ads as the ads that are made return as social media followers.

Our Advertising Solutions For Small Businesses

Why Internet Advertising?
Because 82% of users do research on the internet before purchasing a product or service. In line with the strategies developed by our team with artificial intelligence and engineering infrastructure in search engine and social media advertising, we are adding new ones to our success stories with each passing day, by keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront. We publish your ads on digital media such as Google, Yandex, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., taking off all the burden that requires expertise in Internet advertising.

Our Advertising Solutions for E-Commerce Companies

E-commerce is growing more and more every year.
Increase your share of e-commerce with Adprive's e-commerce solutions. Adprive provides e-commerce website, infrastructure and integration systems for e-commerce businesses within the scope of advertising agency services. Instagram product tagging makes functions like Google Merchant Center work. Manages or advises on Google ad and Facebook ad accounts. Correct Marketing Schemes Increase Your Success in E-commerce! Take advantage of the Adprive experience as you start and grow in e-commerce.

Creative Solutions,
Creative Results.

Leave the Details to Us in Advertising Management
Our advertising team ensures that you reach your customers in the right place with the right message at the right time.
Adprive understands your business with its experienced team and produces solutions according to your business.
Adprive uses the best, constantly updated, most technological software to manage and optimize your ads.


We Are The New Generation In The Advertising World

Adprive understands your business and industry down to the finest details and develops advertising strategies suitable for your marketing purposes. Adprive interprets the performance data obtained in the process of your internet ad broadcast and constantly optimizes your internet ads to increase the effect you get. We focus and develop on the most efficient campaign with our artificial intelligence supported software.
Our principle is to constantly renew ourselves. We ensure the security of your data by using the latest technology and products in software. Thanks to artificial intelligence, your ads constantly go one step further.

Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
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We Provide Optimization According to Your Budget.

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Achieving your goals and adding value to your brand We start by believing in what we do. First of all, we want to get to know your business and business. We develop strategies so that you can reach your goal faster. Internet ads have forced businesses to change their marketing strategies. With digital marketing, it is easier to target your right customers and find them thanks to learned data. Advertising platforms that require professional follow-up and examination as well as simple can cost you dearly and you may not be able to get what you spend. At this point, we highlight your brand with Adprive quality by using Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, Instagram for Business, Twitter Ads Ads and social media.

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